Contemporary Columbus Call for Carols

Introducing Contemporary Columbus!

We are an arts collective dedicated to fostering a thriving and diverse music and art community in Columbus, OH. As a way of saying “hello” and showing the city what we’re all about, we’re thrilled to announce our first call for works:

A Call for New Winter Holiday Songs!

Any religious or secular holiday song (Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter, etc.) A brand new work or a setting of a classic song
All scores must be RECEIVED by October 1st, 2017
MIDI or demo recordings are accepted but not required
For any combination of:
Viola, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor/Baritone, and Piano
2 - 4 minutes in length
Composer must have permission to use text and present proof with submission. May also be public domain.

Performance of piece at Wild Goose Creative on December 1 7, 2017
Professional recording of live performance
Composers will be recognized during the concert
Winners will be announced on or before October 15th, 2017 on Contemporary Colum- bus’s Facebook, Twitter, and website.

Entrants may submit scores, recordings, and information by email Email to:
Include name, address, and email address with submission
Score must not be larger than 11” X 14”
Selected scores will be copied for the purposes of performance and will be destroyed immediately after.

1 Oct 2017