MIDI Mockups for Orchestral Works

If you are a composer and need a better recording of your work than the limited samples libraries in Finale or Sibelius, I can help you get that orchestral sound that you are looking for. I have an extensive set of samples from Spitfire Audio that were well recorded, so they can be combined to get that true orchestral sound.

Some of my own work can be heard on my website to give you a reference for the sound: https://www.logandougherty.com/

E-mail me for specifics of your projects and pricing: logandougherty230@gmail.com

Don’t waste your time messing with all of the MIDI data to make it sound perfect because I can do that part for you.

Technical Details:
- I can work with either Finale files, pdf files of the score/parts, or MIDI data.
- Instruments that I have high quality samples for (in parentheses are the number of instruments recorded)
- Piccolo (1), Flute in C (1, 2), Alto Flute (1), Bass Flute (1), Oboe (1, 2), Cor Anglais (1), Clarinet (1, 2), Bass Clarinet (1), Contrabass Clarinet (1), Bassoon (1, 2), Contrabassoon (1)
- Horn in F (1, 2, 6), Trumpet (1, 2, 6), Tenor Trombone (1, 2), Bass Trombone (1, 2), Contrabass Trombone (1), Tuba (1), Contrabass Tuba (1), Cimbassi (1, 2), Trombones (6 - combination of tenor, bass, and contrabass trombones)
- Violin 1 (1, 16), Violin 2 (1, 14), Viola (1, 12), Cello (1, 10), Contrabass (8)
- Snare, Bass, Timpani, Tamtam, Cymbals, Taiko, etc. (everything from light percussion to booming cinematic percussion)
- Grand and Upright piano
- SATB Choir vowels