OME 5th Annual New Music Festival

The application for OME’s 5th Annual New Music Festival (formerly the OME Marathon Concert) is open Thursday, August 10th and has been extended to Saturday, September 30th, 2017.

The New Music Festival will take place in downtown Phoenix, AZ, Thursday, January 25th – Saturday, January 27th, 2018.

WHO WE ARE: Oh My Ears (OME) is a new music presenting organization in Phoenix, AZ that seeks to connect emerging composers, ensembles, and musicians with each other and with the greater Phoenix community. OME is run by Elizabeth Kennedy Bayer (founder/Co-Director) and Amber Walker (Co-Director). You can read more about the directors on the OME website (

The OME New Music Festival is an annual event where we invite emerging ensembles, solo artists, and projects from around the country to perform new works by emerging and established composers. Jason Barabba returns in 2017-18 as Composer-in Residence. In addition to his work as a composer, Jason is the Executive Director of Synchromy, a non-profit presenter of new music in his home town of Los Angeles

WHAT WE DO: OME presents new music, and our definition of new music encompasses a wide range of genres and approaches. We are looking for music that comes out of traditions of artists like Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, George Lewis, John Cage, Laurie Anderson, Lou Harrison, Morton Subotnick, Unsuk Chin, or Julia Wolfe. New music is generally music of the 21st Century (though late 20th Century is most welcome). We program chamber ensembles like reed quintets, string quartets, or any group of musicians who play together. We program experimental groups, modular synth artists, soloist and multi-genre/multi-media projects. We want to see and hear what you’re up to, and we want to help you to tell your story, share your art, or get your music out there.

For the 5th Annual OME Festival we’re departing from our history of presenting a full-day marathon concert. Instead, we’re going to present multiple concerts at venues around downtown Phoenix, so that we can really present everyone in the best possible environment for their work, pairing them with other artists that we think work well together. We’re incredibly excited about the potential this change opens up for new dialogues and ideas.

WHAT WE CAN OFFER: Our minimum guaranteed fee is $50/person up to five people per ensemble. For groups larger than five, we can offer $20/per extra person. If we have a fantastic fundraising year, we will absolutely offer more. If you are traveling from out of town, we will do our best to arrange hosts for you to stay with, and will help you with connections to presenters in Flagstaff and Tucson in case you want to arrange for additional performances.

WHAT WE EXPECT: We expect everyone to be responsible and professional. We ask our artists to do their best to help promote their participation in our festival and use their social media presence to promote what they’re doing at OME. We also expect that artists will respond to communication in a timely manner so we can keep things running smoothly.

If you, your business or venue would like to be involved in this year’s Festival, please email the OME staff at admin (at) ohmyears (dot) com.

Make a tax-deductible donation to OME via our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas.

30 Sep 2017
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