Call for scores for soprano

Hi all,

My name is Ivana Jokic and I am a soprano, pianist and composer. I opened up a call for scores for contemporary vocal works written by living composers of any age, gender and nationality

My voice type is soprano and my lowest note is an Eb in the bass clef and high note is an Eb three ledger lines above the treble staff. I am open to composed works as well graphic scores and works that incorporate improvisation.

The works will be performed at a concert in the spring in Kitchener, Ontario. Composers are not required to attend the concert. Although attendance is encouraged since it's always nice to meet the composers whose music I perform. :)

Works must be under 10 minutes
Works submitted don't need to be pieces specific written for this call and don't need to be works that are recently composed. If you already have composed works, please send them along.
Works must be composed for either unaccompanied voice or voice and piano.
If electronics are used, please send a detailed list of technical requirements.
Complete score and recordings (if available): Please do not submit MIDI recordings.
Scores must be in PDF format and recordings in mp3 format.
Deadline: November 1st, 2017 at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time
Please send your scores and recordings to

Applicants will be notified by Nov 20th regarding their application. If your work is not accepted this time around, you will still have a chance to have it performed at a concert in the future.

If you are not a composer and got invited to this event, I invited you so you can invite composers that you know to this call. :)

There is no application fee for this call.

1 Nov 2017