microFOLIA ◆ Call for Composers ◆ CD Electroacoustic Microtonal Works

microFOLIA ◆ Call for Composers ◆ CD Electroacoustic Microtonal Works
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The Núcleo Música Nova research group (UNESPAR/CNPq) invites composers to participate in the 2018 project « microFOLIA ». It is a project in partnership with SiMN 2018 (International Symposium of New Music) that will take place in September 2018 in the city of Curitiba (Brazil). « microFOLIA » involves the creation of new acousmatic electroacoustic works that explore elements of microtonality. The dissemination of the works will be done with CD release and sound diffusion in two concerts (pre-debut and CD release). The first concert will bring together all composers involved in the project for critical appreciation of works and debate on poetic issues and technical strategies of microtonality within electroacoustic music. The meeting will take place within SiMN 2018 edition and prior to the release of the CD. Upon completion of SiMN 2018, composers will be able to review their pieces before CD pressing. The idea of this project is to promote the potential of musical composition with different intervals from those of equal temperament. CD pressing is gently provided by the State University of Paraná (Brazil).

1 Dec 2017