Call for scores for 52 weeks of flute

My name is Robin Meiksins (, I am a Chicago based flutist. I am seeking works for solo flute for a 52-week project, in following with the 365 days of flute project (

From September 2016 to September 2017 I recorded a different movement, piece, étude or excerpt for flute each day. Included in this project were 138 submissions from living composers. Starting December 31st, 2017, I am launching a new project focusing solely on the works of living composers.

Each week I will focus on one work submitted by a composer. Submitting composers must be willing to workshop their works and be available for contact in their assigned week. This will be arranged before the start of the project based on performer and composer availability. Each work will be recorded and posted to YouTube, as well as audio recorded separately. The composer will have access to both recordings for their own uses. Both recordings are made with professional microphones (an improvement from the 365 videos)!

The project will include not only the recordings of the works, but also videos discussing the process of their collaboration in making the pieces. Selected composers will be asked to participate (via video call or in person) in such videos discussing their work and collaboration with me. Participation in these videos, while encouraged, is not required nor will it affect which works will be chosen.

Works must be written for solo flute, piccolo, or alto flute
One work per composer will be considered
Please submit scores in PDF format
Max length of 10 minutes
If a recording is available it can also be submitted (no recording is required)
Fixed media and live processing works allowed (and encouraged)
Works may be composed for the project or pre-existing

Submit works here: (

Patreon patrons will provide financial support for this project. No donation is necessary for consideration, and will not affect which pieces will be chosen. (

Deadline for first 20 works: December 15

Deadline for last 32 works: April 15

15 Apr 2018