Kirkoskammer Composition Competition


In January 2018, Kirkos will launch Kirkoskammer: Season 2, a series of six intimate chamber music concerts focussing on 20th-century and contemporary works by Irish and international composers. We are now welcoming submissions for an international composition competition; two winning works will be performed over the course of our series in 2018.

We are seeking new works to be included in the following concerts:

violin solo or duo, with optional electronics
music and performance art (mixed instrumentation)

€10 entry fee

ж C O M P E T I T I O N G U I D E L I N E S ж

1. Violin solo/duo works

Works for the violin concert are to be between 5–12 minutes approximately, with some leeway. Works of open or indeterminate duration will also be considered. They can be for solo violin or for two violins. Live electronics, fixed media audio playback, and visual elements are acceptable.

2. Music and Performance Art works

For the “Music and Performance Art” concert, we are seeking works that explore the intersections between music, performance art and other related disciplines.

These works could make extensive use of theatrical devices, conceptualism and of the physicality of the performers. These works may include props and auxiliary instruments, audio/visual elements etc. Touchstones that could indicate the sort of submissions we are hoping to receive for this concert are: the Fluxus movement, Jennifer Walshe’s ‘New Discipline’ manifesto, post-internet art etc.The piece should be for between 1 and 5 performers and instrumentation is flexible but may include: actor, high or low voice, violin, viola, cello.

Auxiliary instruments could include any sound-making device that can be played by a trained musician who is not specifically trained on the device in question. Duration should be c. 1 – 10 minutes. Works of open or indeterminate duration will also be considered.

Please bear in mind that inclusion of props/instruments which are expensive or difficult to source may count against pieces in the judging process. That being said, we have never shied away from great work for practical reasons!

ж H O W T O E N T E R ж
The competition is open to all composers of any nationality born after 1st January 1982. Composers older than this but currently in education will also be considered (please give details of current education in this case).

Works may not have been previously performed in concert, and in order to remain eligible must not be performed in concert before our competition’s results are announced (c. March 2018). Kirkos will hold the rights to a premiere performance of any winning pieces for a period of one year from the date of announcement of results.

Scores are to be submitted in PDF format, ideally accompanied by a MIDI realization/workshop recording.

Works will be assessed anonymously. Please mark your score with a pseudonym or similar and ensure that no other identifying marks are included in the score. Composer’s name, address and composition title should be included as a separate email attachment (PDF or docx) titled with your chosen pseudonym.

Submissions must be made to this email address:
Submissions to include proof of payment: €10 per entry to be paid by bank transfer to

Bank of Ireland,Trinity College, Dublin
IBAN: IE03 BOFI 9000 1770 6106 13

Or via PayPal, enter email before making the transfer.

Multiple entries from a composer will be accepted. Each entry will incur the €10 entry fee.

ж D E A D L I N E ж
February 9th 2018

Feel free to contact us in advance with subject line “Competition Query” to if you have any questions about props/instruments or any other aspect of this competition.

ж J U D G I N G P R O C E S S ж
Judging will be done by an appointed panel who will award a winner from each instrument category. The panel will include at least one of Kirkos Ensemble’s directors, and several composers recently commissioned by Kirkos. Kirkos performers will view the pieces and give feedback about practical matters. The winners will then be placed 1st and 2nd based on points allocated by the jury. The winning pieces will be performed as part of the Kirkoskammer series throughout 2018 in Dublin.

1st placed entry will also receive €500 prize money.
2nd placed entry will also receive €250 prize money.

All travel expenses incurred in attendance are the responsibility of the winning composer. Winning composers are not obliged to be present for the premiere of their work, however we would be delighted if they can be.

K I R K O S aims to create musical performances of the highest quality, and to push the boundaries of the concert experience through multi-sensory, interdisciplinary events where the creative concept is present in every element. Everything they do pursues a larger goal: to help audiences feel, understand and love contemporary music.
K I R K O S K A M M E R is a chamber music series that distills this ethos, with no strings attached: considered programming, great performances, and the intimate setting of Dublin’s Bewley's Café Theatre, on the top floor of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre.

9 Feb 2018
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