Call for Submission- Variation Project UPDATED! IMPORTANT

This is an updated post for “Call for Submission - Variation Project”
In the previous post a very important detail is left out, the theme for the variations… The theme is attached as a file to this post. It is the canon with which J. S. Bach composed his Goldberg Variations. I apologize for the mistake, and appreciate for the huge interests already shown for the project!

Variation Project is calling for submission. I am still looking to find 5-10 variations on the canon that was used to compose “Goldberg Variations” by J. S Bach. The variations should last between 1 to 6 minutes.

Below is the copy of original post.

The selections will be made anonymously, purely based on the work. The project assistant will receive the submissions and transfer the anonymous scores for review.

The submission to the Variation Project is free. I have decided to fund the project purely from crowdfunding because I wanted to make it possible for composers to submit their works without monetary pressure. So please do spread the word to your fellow supporters of new music and performance.

This is the first of hopefully many more projects to discover new composers and their works. In order for this project to come to life, I will need lots of submission AND support thru kickstarter, see details

The composer of the winning work will receive
a professionally produced sound and audio recording of the performance
$250 reward

When the funding reaches its goal on December 3, the project’s own page will be open to public on my website Any information or questions not found can be directed to

Any composer is eligible regardless of age, nationality, sex, color, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or veteran status.

1. Each entry of one (1) anonymous score must be emailed in pdf format to (subject: “VariationProjectBach”) along with:
a. An info sheet (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, or .txt ) with composer’s name, length of work, short bio (no more than one page), and contact information

1. Application Deadline: All submissions must be received by 11 :59 pm EST on January 05, 2018. Entries received after this date will not be considered.
2. Regardless of the fact that the project can only be materialized with successful funding, you are welcome to submit your work before December 3, 2017.
3. Composers may submit as many entries as they wish, but separate submission will be required. (only one variation per email)
4. A $250 reward is per variation (ex. If two or more winning variations come from the same composer, the reward will still be given $250/one variation)
5. No name or any personal information should appear anywhere on the submitted score or the subject/body of the email. Any submission with identifying information will be disqualified from the selection and will not be reviewed.
6. Works that require extended piano technique is accepted and encouraged, you may use pre-recorded track to go along with the performance as well.
6. The winning composition will be announced on February 01, 2018.
7. The results will be announced on the project website and winning composers will be contacted individually.
8. Please see the FAQ below for the most commonly asked questions. Any additional questions may only be sent to Note: Please do NOT send submission materials or any questions to the kickstarter page, generall email address, social media or contact personally, as this will violate the fairness of the selection process.

Q: Can the piece be longer than 6 minutes?
A: No. Every submission must have a duration between 1 to 6 minutes. I am hoping to have the final project (original+ new variations) no longer than 2:30 hours total.
Q: Can I submit a work that includes other instruments or electronics?
A: No, you cannot include other instruments but you may submit your variation with an pre-recorded audio track.

Deadline: 05 Jan 2018 11: 59 pm EST
Entry Fee: 0.00 (Your word of mouth will be greatly appreciated for funding of the project!)
Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)

17 Dec 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)