PRIZES: One cash prize of $5,000; two cash prizes of $2,500.

The publisher and author of the recently-published historical novel, "Forever Gentleman" have created a contest for amateur and student composers to write original music for the novel (two piano solos and one violin solo), which will be used in the electronic version of the book, as well as subsequent depictions in audio and film.

The protagonist of the story, Nathan Sinclair, is a gifted pianist and struggling architect, who mingles in high society (as a performer of music), while dwelling in suffocating debt and poverty. The book is a romance, mystery and drama with music playing an important role in the story and providing a backdrop for the action and events that unfold.

The publisher and author are in the process of developing an electronic version of the book which will enable the reader to listen to the music from the story as they read (the reader will depress small icons on various pages which will activate the music that is referenced in the novel). While the vast majority of the music in the book has already been written (by Chopin, Haydn, Mozart, Liszt, Schumann, Beethoven, etc. and other far more obscure composers from the era), there are three compositions which have never been written: two piano solos which Nathan Sinclair composes at seminal points in his life and a violin medley of well-known soprano arias, composed by an important female character in the book.

The author's website contains the contest rules and excerpts from the book which describe the compositions that need to be written. There is no entry fee and the cash prizes vary from $2,500 to $5,000 for the compositions. In addition, the winning composers will receive name recognition in the e-version and future film production. I have provided links below to my website and the musical composition contest:

Author's Website:

Musical Composition Contest:

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28 Feb 2018