Forest Collective 2018 call for scores

Call for Scores
Due February 14th, 2018

Entry fee $15 AUD payable via PayPal

Works can be previously performed or published and must be for a minimum of 4 players

Works with electronics will not be considered

If providing a work with text, please ensure you have access to the relevant copyrights and approvals to use this text
If applicable please list the author of the text

We strongly encourage applications outside of Melbourne, but Forest Collective cannot give financial reimbursement for travel associated with the performance of your work.

Conducted or unconducted works for the following personnel, with the following doublings available:

Mezzo Soprano - comfortable between F below middle C and 2 octaves above middle C
Flute, doubling Piccolo or Alto Flute
Clarinet in B flat or A
Recorders - garklein, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass(et) or contra-bass
Soprano, alto or tenor Saxophone
Accordion - B3 (below middle C) to F6 (four ledger lines above treble). Right hand - single bass buttons, major chords, minor chords, and dom7 chords
Double Bass/Viola

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14 Feb 2018
Australian Dollar (AUD)