Water Mill Music 2018 Call For submissions

Water Mill Music is a new publisher based in New York's Wall Street. We are now looking for talent to land deals with. We are looking for original compositions to be published by us and set up a deal with the composer for an exclusive Year long contract. Water Mill Music catalogue is primarily digital and it is going to land deals for online distribution with websites such as Sheetmusicplus.com.


What we look for: We are looking for original compositions for Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band,Chamber Music Ensembles and solo+piano music. The compositions must be original and you must have a look at the submission guidelines before submitting, if you fail to comply with the guidelines your submission will be discarded.
We look forward to collaborate with talent from all over the world.

Remember that:
1) WMM is a private company, we do publish to get profits from it.
2) The submission process is highly restictive and selective, just like the industry itself.
3) You can contact us at contact@watermillmusic.com
4) We look forward to work with you
5) There is no fee we are not obliged to publish nor accept your work
6) There is no fee this opportunity is addressed to ALL composers, regardless of their nationality.
7) You should be over 18, but if you are the new Mozart we can have a chat
8) That We encourage you to submit to US! We want to hear from You!
9) If selected you will be contacted by a watermillmusic.com domain email. Don't accept any other email from us.
10) You must check your rights as composers before signing with us.
11) That a new copyright will be issued with your name and Water Mill Music name as well
12) you will have to comply with the deal we reach together.
13) That before landing a deal you will have to have a meeting with us prior the publishing: We are a people to people company, we want to meet you IN PERSON not only online

Read the terms and conditions at:

We encourage you to visit our website: www.watermillmusic.com

TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Submission:
To start we only accept digital documents through email, and we DO NOT accept USB
pen drive devices or CD’s. Read the submission guidelines that you must comply with in
order to submit a digital document.
- We will only accept digital documents that have been computer generated. We DO
NOT accept scanned handwritten documents.
§-When Submitting you MUST submit ALL the following:
1. Finale File (if you use Finale) or XML (if you use Sibelius or Other Software)
2. PDF document of the score WITHOUT Front Page
Failing of providing BOTH documents with disqualify you form the review process.
- The edition must be clear and must follow general orchestration rules, if you are
not sure if your document complies with these rules you might share it with an
orchestration professor or music professional who might help you. You can also use
published resources such as Samuel Adler’s Orchestration books.
-The document must be a Score; we don’t accept separated parts from anyone.
-The score must comply with standard playability and instruments range, so please
check it more than one time. You can use both Finale’s and Sibelius Check Range
plug ins that will tell you if a note is out of range and it will propose you an
alternative. Bare in mind that people are not computers so proper breathing,
technique and playability are vital to make your score a performed score.
- The score MUST be an original, we don’t accept arrangements or adaptations
unless it’s an adaptation of your own work.
-The instrumentation MUST be standard: check the instrumentation guidelines
Failure of complying with ALL these guidelines will immediately the withdrawal of your
submission. Check our How to Apply section at the end of this document to learn how
to comply with all the guidelines.

Submissions MUST be done through contact@watermillmusic.com with as concept.
We MUST receive all the required documents asked for.

Apart from the T&C's and all the Don'ts and Do's we are willing to see your works and if lucky we will ask you to collaborate with us. Remember this is not a competition and there is no limited places. So We wait for your works and best of luck to all of you!

Water Mill Music
Talent acquisition Team

13 Jun 2018
Australian Dollar (AUD)