Opera From Scratch

Now in its 7th year, Opera From Scratch is a one week long workshop which provides an opportunity for six composers and six singers to develop six 10 minute operas for solo voice and piano. Composers are asked to base their mini-opera concerning a Nova Scotia theme of cultural or historic significance. Each composer will be expected to complete their work six weeks prior to the workshop, and each singer will be required to learn one work before attending. Composers will be paired with singers as of the first week of April 2018.

During Opera From Scratch composers receive the following:
- Access to a dramaturge during the compositional process
- Auditing 3 private singing lessons with Lucy Hayes Davis and your assigned singer
- 1 private singing lesson with Jason Davis (you are required to sing one page of their opera)
- 2 private coaching sessions with vocal coach - pianist Simon Docking and your assigned singer
- 4 masterclasses focusing on dramaturgy, performance and acting skills
- 4 lectures by James Rolfe (composer), Roberta Barker (dramaturge), Jennifer Bain (early music specialist
with a focus on early musical dramas) and Janice Jackson (new music singer).
- 2 private sessions with Janice Jackson, new music specialist / actress / singer / producer
- A round table with James Rolfe (composer)
- Public speaking lessons
- A public performance of their mini opera.

For more information go to: http://www.vocalypse.ca/operafromscratch2018.html

30 Mar 2018
Canadian Dollar (CAD)