Call for COMPOSITIONS - VICO Global Soundscapes Festival 2018

The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (VICO) is pleased to announce a call for intercultural compositions in connection with our 2018 Global Soundscapes Festival. The Festival will celebrate the instruments and traditions of Azerbaijan and Iran, and explore the intersection of these with Canadian cultures in BC through the creation and performance of intercultural music. Composers are invited to submit chamber compositions within the following parameters:

*Length: max. 8 minutes
*Instrumentation: any subset of our resident ensemble (see info at link below)
*Thematic connection to the Festival: featuring one of the Middle Eastern instruments available, and/or using compositional techniques and musical languages related to any of the different musics of the Araxes Basin region

Five pieces will be selected by our jury to receive a professional performance during the Festival, which will be held in Vancouver, BC at the Waterfront Theatre from June 18-28, 2018.

Please visit the VICO website for full details:

15 Apr 2018
Canadian Dollar (CAD)