Post-postmodernist Think Tank

Are you an emerging composer who is frustrated in the reactionary and regressive leftist postmodernism dominating your Universities? Do you feel that your unique compositional voice is devalued because of differing politics and dissenting opinions from your friends and colleagues? Do you remain silent? Are your friends nice to you so long as you agree with them? Are you a female, person of color, or LGBT artist who feels you must conform to certain political views as to "not rock the boat?" Conversely, have you been labeled an entitled cisgender white person?

I am proposing a think tank ( where we can build an artistic following that testifies living composers/artists should be performed/showcased REGARDLESS of race, sex, or gender, not BECAUSE of race, sex, or gender.

Artists practice radical freedom of expression and speech daily. We reject the postmodern notion that the only means to remedy collective groups allotting oppression over time is discrimination of another group. I'm looking for composers and musicians who are sympathetic to the aforementioned claim to discuss these ideas, offer an alternative view of increasingly regressive postmodernism, provide camaraderie in navigating the scary world of "emerging" artist/composer/musician, and discourse with differing views and opinions without the worry of offending someone.

Part of this will be a new blog where composers can contribute in the subjects of art, music, philosophy, aesthetics, and politics. Hopefully once a small community has formed we can formulate fundraising ideas for a call-for-scores in order to fund a venue and pay musicians who agree to perform our work.

Discrimination is evil. Racism is evil. Sexism is evil. Absolutely, not conditionally.

Interest & inquiries, email Bernie.