2018 Prelude and Fugue Competition

Open until July 2018, participants are given four themes to create a prelude and fugue! These themes are challenging, and unconventional. We are searching for the most creative and intelligent of composers!

We encourage all composers to participate as you will receive the following prizes; 24 of the best prelude and fugue composers will be published on our website and available for book purchase - which will be available after the winners are announced, the three top composers will receive money prizes and a special feature in the publication. Depending on participation rate, first place contestant would see 200 - 250 euro.


Must be for any keyboard instrument e.g. harpsichord, organ, piano.
Style/genre is left to the composer’s discretion.
Minimum 50 bars are required for both prelude and fugue.
Be creative, intelligent, and above all - musical.

Application forms will be provided, once completed and application fee (10 EUR) is successful participants will be given the themes (PDF file).
Please email mcdonaldmusicfoundation@outlook.com for the application form.

7 Jul 2018
Euro (EUR)