Join the Millennium Composer Initiative and Travel the US Promoting Your Music

We are a group who starting next Fall will be setting up booths at every major music conference across the US to promote our music. At this time, we'll be featuring our five current members of the MCI Composers group. In the meantime, we are looking to recruit more people into our initiative! If you're interested, please contact us on our website or via email:

Ages 18-29 only. We are only accepting a few as of now.

What to email us:

1) info about you
2) why you want to join
3 awards won if any
4) 2-3 scores with audio (MIDI is okay)
5) if you're cool and would be a joy to hang out with


We are a group of composers actively seeking to provide new experiences for audiences and performers everywhere. Currently spread across three states, we create fresh and engaging new music for all types of ensembles and media, with various concentrations in both acoustic and electronic music. We strive to push boundaries through experimental and conventional means.

The Millennium Composers Initiative is an ever-changing, growing, and expanding group striving to represent all artists regardless of aesthetic, style, or background. Our current members include the following:
Josh Trentadue (founder) - New York
Duncan Petersen-Jones (co-founder) - Michigan
Caleb Hammer - Michigan
Salvador Alan Jacobo - New Mexico
Chris Evan Hass - Michigan