Looking for New Young Composers!

We are a group of composers actively seeking to provide new experiences for audiences and performers everywhere. Currently spread across three states, we create fresh and engaging new music for all types of ensembles and media, with various concentrations in both acoustic and electronic music. We strive to push boundaries through experimental and conventional means.

We are looking to take on a couple new qualified members aged 18-29. With this comes the opportunity to present your music at our booths at every major US music conference.

What to send us:

1) Name, address, educational background, awards won (if any).
2) 2-3 scores with audio (MIDI is fine)
3) Desire to travel to promote your music and career
4) About you
5) Why you want to join.

Email these to mcicomposers@gmail.com

Thank you.


1 May 2018