Druskomanija'18 - international contemporary music festival

International Contemporary Music Festival DRUSKOMANIJA’18 organized by Lithuanian Composers Union and collaborating with Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre invites composers to create their works. Festival will be held on 18-26 of May 2018. This year composers will have an opportunity to write pieces for Kondraschewa/Chica piano duo, percussionist Serge Vuille, Twenty Fingers Duo and other great ensembles and musicians!

Druskomanija is the oldest contemporary music festival in Lithuania, taking place since 1984. It is an opportunity to write for professional ensembles and get engaged in contemporary music. Furthermore, you will be able to meet Lithuanian community of composers and spend time in Druskininkai – a beautiful resort city of Lithuania. It is not the performances that constitute the festival – it is a space for experience; talks, discussions, sharing, and last, but not least - good time with people with similar interests.
Festival will pay the expenses for traveling between Vilnius and Druskininkai as well as accommodate composers in Druskininkai.
Those who want to participate must fill the registration form due March 10 here: https://goo.gl/forms/jPK93WvQEdkLTeJf1

Regarding the International Contemporary Music Festival DRUSKOMANIJA’18, composers are invited to create their works for these ensembles:

1. Flute, soprano/alto saxophone (one performer), tuba, electric guitar, viola, electric piano, percussion (drum-set: 2 Tom-toms, snare drum, kick drum, crash, ride, hi-hat cymbals).
All combinations are possible. Ensemble specializes in free improvisation and contemporary music, therefore scores that include graphic notation, aleatoric and free improvisation elements are very welcome.
Duration: 5-10'

2. Two violins and two cellos. Possible combinations: solo violin, solo cello, duos (various combinations), quartet.
Duration: 5-10'

3. Flute, soprano/alto saxophone (one performer), tuba, live or fixed electronics. All combinations are possible.
Duration: 5-10'

4. Piano duo (4 hands, one piano).
Duration: 5' . Two pieces will be selected

5. Solo percussion (drum-set: 2 Tom-toms, snare drum, kick drum, crash, ride, hi-hat cymbals), live or fixed electronics (optional).
Duration: 8' . Two pieces will be selected.

In case there are too many compositions, performers will be entitled to select pieces for the performance.

Rules, requirements and conditions for the participants of the Festival:

1. The 2018 festival will be held on May 18-26;
2. The competition welcomes young composers from around the world, born January 1st, 1985 or later.
3. Those who want to participate and write for ensembles above, must fill the registration form due 10th of March, 2018;
4. The work has to be unreleased, never recorded or publicly performed;
6. Scores and parts must be sent electronically in .pdf format to the organisers of the festival by e-mail info@druskomanija.lt until April 18th, 2018. Late works will not be included in the program!
7. Organisers will take care of the travel expenses (Vilnius-Druskininkai-Vilnius) of the festival participants (composers) provided they are informed in advance.

For further information, please contact the organisers by e-mail info@druskomanija.lt

18 Apr 2018