Hillcrest Wind Ensemble Quest for Fresh Music

Hillcrest Wind Ensemble is on a Quest for Fresh Music. We are looking for new works from composers who are between the ages of 12 and 18 and currently in middle / junior or high school. No entry fee!

HWE Quest for Fresh Music Rules - Ages 12-18, Middle/Junior and High School

1. All styles of music will be considered. All compositions must be original works for wind ensemble (composer’s transcriptions are okay) and have NOT been previously published or performed. The Hillcrest Wind Ensemble’s (HWE) performance of the piece will be the “World Premiere Performance”. (No self-published works will be accepted - publish your work after our performance of the piece, in April of 2019).

2. Entrants: The Quest for Fresh Music will be residents of the United States only, aged 12-18, and in Middle/Junior or High School in 2018. NO members or family members of the HWE may enter.

3. All entrants MUST submit a short “Letter of Recommendation” from their music teacher or private instructor.

4. Scoring is to be for our Wind Ensemble:

- 6 Flutes (up to 3 piccolos) - 2 Oboes - 2 Bassoons - 1 Eb clarinet - 6 Bb clarinets
- 1 Eb Alto or Eb Contralto Clarinet - 1 Bass Clarinet - 2 Alto Sax - 1 Tenor Sax
- 1 Bari Sax - 5 Cornets/Trumpets - 4 French Horns - 3 Trombones - 2 Euphoniums/Baritones
- 2 Tubas - 1 String Bass - 1 Timpani - 1 Mallet percussionist - 3 percussionists

Do NOT include English Horn, Soprano Sax, Harp, etc. They are NOT available. We have limited technology for electronics. If you include electronics, it should be easily accessible. No vocals or narration are allowed. Entries not meeting the instrumentation detailed above will NOT be considered.

5. Duration: Preference is given to works between 3-5 minutes.

6. Entry Fee: There is NO entry fee for submission to the Quest for Fresh Music contest. Only 1 entry is permitted per contestant.

7. Difficulty: Pieces should be for medium easy to advanced players - Grade 2 or higher.

8. Suitability: If, in the opinion of the judges, no entry is deemed worthy of a prize, none shall be awarded.

9. Deadline for submissions: By end of day November 5th, 2018

10. Judges: The judges evaluating your work are music professionals including performance majors, music educators, composers, and arrangers.

11. Notification: The winning entries will be announced in December of 2018. Winning entrants are expected to be available for questions and cooperative with the Ensemble’s artistic director through the rehearsal season up to the performance of the piece in our Spring 2019 concert (late March or April).

12. Parts for the winning entries will be needed by January 4th, 2019.

13. Performance Rights: By entering the contest, the winners acknowledge and grant a non-exclusive perpetual license to HWE to perform and record all or a portion of their work created for the HWE Composition Contest. Winning compositions will remain in the HWE music library for future performance beyond the premiere concert date. Recordings, either audio or video, may be placed on YouTube and other social media accounts. The winners retain their copyright of the piece and may publish the piece any time after the HWE world premiere performance date.

14. Awards: Up to three selected winners will receive a letter of congratulations, a certificate of achievement and a recording of the piece will be available for download. No monetary award is offered.

What to Submit: (Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Email to )

A. Score: A PDF of the score formatted for 8.5” x 14” printing. No handwritten scores or parts will be accepted. Judging will be anonymous. Do NOT put your name on the score.

B. Composer Information, we require the following:
1) Composer Name and Parent/Guardian Name
2) Complete Mailing Address
3) Telephone Number - Composer and Parent/Guardian
4) Email address - Composer and Parent/Guardian

C. Recording: Live (non-concert performance) or MIDI sound file is okay. Recordings must be MP3 format, up to 6MB only.

D. Signed Letter of Recommendation: scan and submit in PDF format.

All Submissions and Communications regarding the contest will be sent to the Composition Contest Coordinator here: HWE.Contest@gmail.com

5 Nov 2018