Flute Concerto

Hi there fellow composers,

I am Sean Quinn, an aspiring musician (and composer). I am a flautist from Melbourne Australia; I am still a high-school student. I am putting it out there that I am planning to hold a concert early next year, in which I will be featuring new music from all over the world, including some of my own works. However, the main feature of this concert is to be a large scale work for Flute and (chamber) orchestra, written especially for me. As conceited as I sound, I am doing this for the best of the musical world, and I would love to begin collaborating with other composers around the world as I enter the second stage of my musical education (beyond school). Please contact me if you have/are interested in writing a work for me, and I will give you an idea of what I am looking for in the work. Ambition is something that can be a hamartin trait, but I see it as a vehicle for success.

Hope to hear from you soon.


1 Sep 2018