2018 Jinji Lake International Composition Competition


Suzhou is a city located in southeastern China, the city's canals, stone bridges, pagodas, and meticulously designed gardens have contributed to its status as one of the top tourist attractions in China. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou were added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997 and 2000. Suzhou is often dubbed the "Venice of the East" or "Venice of China". The Jinji Lake International Composition Competition invites composers to submit original works which combine Western compositional techniques with idioms of Suzhou’s cultural heritage such as the Pingtan theater, Kunqu opera, folk song, art of silk, or any other elements that represent the aesthetics and styles of Suzhou’s traditional culture.

In the hope of creating new works that portray Suzhou with “two alluring and contrasting visages” – an ancient civilized society yet a modern energized city – which complement each other and is aptly expressed by the single motto “the double-sided embroidered silk of Suzhou”. The Competition aims to inspire composers to create compositions with innovative approach which contribute to Suzhou Symphony Orchestra’s own repertoire, Suzhou’s musical tradition, and global influence of Chinese contemporary musical art.


2.1 Sponsor: Suzhou Symphony Orchestra
2.2 Competition Advisory Committee will be formed and announced.
2.3 Jury: Composers, experts and artists with international renown
2.4 Competition Organizing Committee will be formed and announced.


3.1 Compositions should reflect the contemporary spirit, the traditional flavors and atmospheres of Suzhou, while demonstrating innovation, accessibility and originality.
3.2 Submitted compositions can be
Either orchestral works composed within the last three years that meet the above qualities but have not been published, publicly performed, or previously awarded in other competitions;
Or orchestral works composed specifically for the Jinji Lake International Composition Competition guided by the above-mentioned characteristics.
3.3 Works should be written for orchestra, or for a solo instrument (both Chinese traditional or Western instrument) and orchestra with instrumentation no larger than 3333 – 4331 – Timp+3 – Hp – Str. No use of electronic music and means is accepted.
3.4 The duration of the work must be between 8 and 12 minutes and should be displayed on the instrumentation page.
3.5 Composers of all age are eligible to enter the Competition.
3.6 Composers of all nationalities are eligible to enter the Competition.
3.7 Each composer is allowed to submit only one work.
3.8 There is no entry fee.
3.9 Interested composers should submit:
A legible full score in both PDF format and two bound hardcopies printed in B4 size, which conform to standard engraving rules. The score must not contain the composer’s name or any marking unrelated to the music on the cover page or in any other part of the score. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
A completed and signed application form. https://www.dropbox.com/s/55u9x94hvqbm7lq/Jinji%20Lake%20Competition%20A...
A biography with current address, email address and phone number, in either Chinese or English.
A brief and clear description of the composition not to exceed 200 Chinese words or 500 English words.
A copy of passport or national ID that contains the applicant’s photo and date of birth.
3.10 Submission deadline is September 30, 2018 at 17:00 Beijing time, for PDF via email and for bound hardcopies with postmark date.
3.11 Non-compliance with any of the above stipulation will disqualify the applicant. Members of the jury and advisory committee are not eligible to submit. All materials will be archived by the sponsoring organization and will not be returned to the applicant.
3.12 For questions and queries, please contact:
Sharon Xin/Tia Xiao
Telephone: +86 512 62899881; +86 512 62899593
Email: competition@suzhousso.com
Website: www.suzhousso.com
Address: Suzhou Symphony Orchestra
Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre 2nd Floor
No. 1 Guan Feng Street
Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou, Jiangsu 200028
People’s Republic of China

Attention: 2018 Jinji Lake Composition Competition Committee


The 2018 Jinji Lake Composition Competition Committee also commissions several well-known and well-established composers from a global scale for works that express and reflect the above creative parameters. These works are not entries in the Competition and not subject to any award adjudication or scoring, they will be premiered in a concert separately from the concert of award ceremony for the competition.


5.1 To ensure equality and fairness, all submissions will be designated with a number for identification. No composer’s name will be revealed or displayed at any point during the reviewing and adjudication process.
5.2 The Competition will take place in two stages: the pre-screening stage and the final stage. A pre-screening panel will review all submissions and invite six (6) submissions to participate in the final stage in Suzhou. The final stage will culminate in a concert performed by the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra in which the jury will adjudicate and award the winners. The jury reserves the right not to issue award(s) in the absence of compositions meriting the award.
5.3 All travel and accommodation expenses for the six finalists invited to Suzhou will be covered by the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra.


First Prize 100,000 RMB (equals 15,000 USD)
Second Prize 60,000 RMB (equals 9,500 USD)
Third Prize 30,000 RMB (equals 4,750 USD)
Honorable Mention 5,000 RMB (equals 800 USD)
All prize monies are pre-tax.


November 27, 2018
19:30: Opening concert of commissioned works at the Jinji Lake Concert Hall

November 30, 2018
19:30: Final Stage Concert at the Jinji Lake Concert Hall
21:00: Awards Ceremony at the Jinji Lake Concert Hall


8.1 Rights
The winners and commissioned composers shall own the copyright of the winning and commissioned compositions (hereinafter Composition).
The winners and commissioned composers agree to concede to the Sponsor (Suzhou Symphony Orchestra) the following rights:
8.1.1 The Sponsor may record, photograph and videotape all performances of the Composition, all music and relevant materials for non-commercial purpose.
8.1.2 The Sponsor retains the right to premiere and give all future performances of the Composition at no additional compensation.
8.1.3 In any future performance of the Composition by any other organizations in any other venues, the full score cover page and all printed materials will bear the following wording:
“This work was the winning composition of (commissioned by) the 2018 Jinji Lake International Composition Competition.”
8.2 The decision of the Competition Jury will be final.
8.3 The Competition Committee reserves the right to make necessary modifications of this Prospectus without prior notification to the applicants.
8.4 The Competition Committee retains the sole and final interpretation of the provisions in this Prospectus.

30 Sep 2018