METALORPHOSES 2018 International Competition for Acousmatic Music


The biennial competition for acousmatic composition Métamorphoses is organised by Musiques & Recherches with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It is open to any acousmatic composition that has never won an award or has been the object of a published recording. Candidates who fail to acknowledge this disposition will be excluded from this competition.

The Métamorphoses competition includes two categories :

- category A, for composers aged 28 or less in 2018, or students in electroacoustic composition (with proof of their occupation). There is no registration fee for the category A.
- category B, for any composer wishing to take part in this category, aged 50 or less in 2018. Registration fees for the category B are €20 per composer

The competition shall be divided into two parts:

1. The pre-selection jury members receive all the pieces and listen to them. They gather afterwards in late June 2018 to listen to the best pieces and to choose the works from category B that will be shortlisted for the October 2018 finals and edited in stereo on CD format.
The jury also elects the winner of the category A, whose work will also be the object of a CD publication.

2. During the finals of the Métamorphoses competition for acousmatic composition, M&R shall choose a performer for the spatialization of the pieces selected for the finals.
The finals will take place on October 24th, 2018. At this occasion, the finals jury – which may be different from the pre-selection jury – shall determine the final ranking of the pieces and announce the prizes.

Prize for category A

1st Prize: Publication of the piece on CD, performance of the piece during the October 24th concert, and 10 copies of the CD.

Prizes for category B

1st Prize : €2000.
2nd Prize : €500.
Public Prize : €500.
Possible M&R Prize: a residency at the "Métamorphoses d'Orphée" composition studio.


Acousmatic: Pre-recorded work composed in studio, projected on loudspeakers in concert, without any intervention of other live sound sources.


NB : In case of inconsistencies with the French version, the French version prevails.

1. To be authorized to take part to the composition, every composer shall, by May 2, 2018, before 13:00, Brussels time:

- be registered on the site, have filled the registration forms and, for category B, have paid the registration fees.
- have send their works and the requested documents according to the guidelines described in section B.

If one of these provisions is not complied with, the registration will be deemed invalid.

2. The competition is open to any acousmatic work according to the definition given above. It is an international competition.

3. Winners of the First Prize or the Public Prize in category B in the 2016 edition cannot apply in the 2018 edition.

4. Only one piece per composer may be presented, with a duration exclusively comprised between 8 and 16 minutes. It will be presented in one of the two following categories:

Category A: exclusively concerns acousmatic works by students in electro-acoustic composition (with proof of their occupation) or composers aged 28 or less in 2018. There is no registration fee for category A.
Catégorie B: concerns any acousmatic work by composers aged 50 and less in 2018. Registration fees for category B is €20.

5. The works may be presented in two formats: stereo or multi-track (3 to 8 tracks).

6. In order for the registration to be validated, candidates must send a zipped folder through a service such as The folder will bear the exacte same title as the piece and shall be sent to the address by May 2, 2018 before 13:00, Brussels time.

It shall include:

For stereophonic pieces :
- an anonymous audio file bearing the exact same title as the piece, as indicated on the weezevent registration site
- the file shall be saved in 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz .wav or .aiff stereo format.

For multi-track pieces : an anonymous folder bearing the exact same title as the piece as indicated on the weezevent registration site. The folder shall include:
- each separated track anonymously named after the piece title in 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz
.wav or .aiff mono format
- a file anonymously named after the piece title including a speaker position and track assignment plan.
- a 16bit/44kHz stereo reduction of the piece for an eventual CD-format edition of the finalist works

In addition, for stereophonic and multi-tracks works, the folder shall include:

- an official ID scan of the composer*
- a student ID scan if necessary*

* This document will not be made available to the pre-selection jury

7. The presented work may have been performed live, but cannot have been part of any musical recording, nor can they have been awarded any prize before June 19th, 2018. The contestants pledge on their honour that this is not the case. If the work is awarded a prize or is the subject of a recorded publishing after the finalist selection is established, that is between June 20 and October 24, 2018, the contestant agrees to notice M&R by written form and to abandon the competition. Any failure to acknowledge this disposition will be penalised by a disqualification from the Métamorphoses competition.

8. The works shall be sent to the pre-selection jury members, who will listen to them integrally. The jury shall gather to select the winner of the category A, and the finalists for the category B. Multi-phonic pieces shall be listened to in a studio by the jury on a multichannel system. The category A winner and the category B finalists will be personally notified. The decisions delivered by the jury are final.

9. The category A recipient and the pre-selected category B finalist pieces will be published on the “Métamorphoses 2018” CD. Among the received pieces, the jury shall select a stereo work, as imposed by the spatialization competition that will take place during the “Influx – L’espace du son” festival in 2019. The jury reserves the right to include this piece on the CD.

11. The competition finals will take place on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018. Two listening sessions of the finalist works are planned, followed by a spatialized listening session on the M&R acousmonium (80 speakers/44 tracks) for a public performance. The performer of the finalist pieces will be appointed by M&R. The prizes will be awarded at the end of the concert.

12. The winners are committed to indicate the mention "Prix Métamorphoses 2018" in every programme that including their award-winning work.

2 May 2018
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