Australian International Modernist Piano Concerto Competition 2018

Get excited Folks! This is the year that we begin new event. The Australian International Modernist Piano Concerto Competition. Here, in this year of 2018, we celebrate the works of many modern composers, and within this many new works are being commissioned and performed. But, we now introduce a new concept, a new dimension to this process. This competition takes conventionality to another level.

We are asking for composers of any age, experience level and nationality to write new concertos for Piano and Orchestra to be performed next year in 2019. The adjudication process will be undertaken over the summer break between late November and early January to decide on a winner. The prize will involve to production, performance and possibly publishing of the winning composer’s Piano concerto, along with a monetary prize of $2,000 AUD.

To enter, please complete the entry form, and fear not there is no entry fee. Follow the guidelines carefully; there are very few of them, but they are important to ensure your consideration for the top prize. There are no second and third prizes in this competition, but honourable mentions will be announced and given credit.


- the Concerto must be for Piano and a decent sized orchestra (the limit is – – 4 – – Be creative with instrumentation, as “innovation” is a key part to this competition.
- composers may submit as many pieces as they like, but they must not be previously performed, recorded or used outside of the composer’s own rehearsal.
- for submission for each work, a pdf copy of the score, plus an audio midi file [Sibelius/Finale etc files are fine] should be sent, along with 1 bound hard-copy of the full score. Handwritten manuscripts are acceptable, but ensure they are legible. A short resume and biography of the composer should also be sent. The composer’s name and birth should be listed on the score, along with a page of instrumentation and a brief preface to the work.

- The use of electronics is acceptable, as long as the resource is purely made by the composer.
- Use of extended techniques in the soloist and the orchestra are acceptable and thoroughly encouraged. Please do test the limits of the player(s).
- use of unconventional instruments - such as five-stringed basses and cellos, period instruments and experimental instruments [newly created instruments] – will need to be clarified in the piece’s description in order to deem it acceptable.

Besides these, you are free to write however you like. If you have any queries, email Sean at . It should be stated that Sean will be the adjudicator for the competition; he is an amateur composer himself and wishes to assist others of different experience levels to understand the world of contemporary composition even more by giving them a chance at a less formal interaction with an audience.

This is an unpaid commission thus the only price will be that of the winner.

DEADLINE: July 31st [7th of August at the latest]
ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNER: December – early January

Get composing! We want to see your works!

31 Jul 2018