Luigi Nono Composition Competition

The “Call for Scores” can be attended by any composer of any nationality being no more than 40 years old (not completed in the current year).

Each composer must send 3 compositions at his/her choice, either for solo instrument or chamber group (max 5 elements); electronic instrumentation is not allowed. Compositions can be either all for one instrument, or all for chamber music groups, or mixed. The presentation of pieces presenting a good variety of instruments can be a good choice. Each composer must also send the MP3 recording of just one of the compositions.
Compositions can be written in any style and aesthetic.

Max time: 7 (seven) minutes each.

Pieces can have already been performed. Pieces can have already been awarded a prize.

Subscription fee (non-refundable):
€ 30,00 for payment through bank transfer to Bank account: n° 2613350 UNICREDIT BANCA - “Amici per la Musica” - IBAN: IT81T0200831110000002613350 or for payment through Paypal from Eu zone to address:
€ 33,00 for Paypal from non-Eu zone to address:

The judges will be Luca Antignani (Italy), Alberto E. Colla (Italy) and Edith Canat de Chizy (France). They will choose a unique winner, and the prize will consist in a cheque of € 750,00.

In addition to that, the winner will be asked for the composition of a piece expressly written for the winner of the XX CENTURY PRIZE (either soloist or group), awarded to the best execution of a piece composed after 1950, in the 22nd edition of International Chamber Music Competition LUIGI NONO, which will be held in Settimo (Turin) from October 26th through October 28th, 2018.

The commissioned piece will be premiered by the winner/s of XX CENTURY PRIZE in a concert within the 2019 concert season organized by Amici per la Musica Association (the concert will be part of the prize for the winner/s). The composer will be invited to attend the concert. In that occasion he/she will be given the prize (cheque).
The organizers will not cover any accommodation and travelling expenses.
The performance will be professionally recorded. Both the composer and the Associazione Amici per la Musica will be free to use the record for their activity.

The name of the winner will be posted on the website of the Competition within the beginning of LUIGI NONO Competition (October 26th, 2018).
The result will be also announced during the awarding ceremony of LUIGI NONO Competition, Sunday, October 28th 2018. The winner will be informed by e-mail, as well.

The scores shipped will be considered property of Amici per la Musica Association and will not be given back.


Deadline for incoming of applications: August 31st, 2018.
Scores must be sent to following e-mail address within August 31st, 2018, along with application form duly and fully filled up:

Applications can be sent only by e-mail and must include:
- scores (enclosed to the message, PDF format files)
- 1 mp3 file of JUST ONE SCORE
- filled up and signed application form
(visit www.amiciperlamusica/
- receipt of bank or PayPal transfer of € 30,00
- CV (either in Italian or in English)
Scores must be fully anonymous and without any possible identification sign. On the contrary case, the score will be rejected.
For any information and clarification please contact following e-mail address:

31 Aug 2018
Euro (EUR)