Soundcarrier Music Network launches digital distribution channel for exploratory music

Soundcarrier Music Network officially launches its digital distribution channel, dedicated to promoting and supporting independent exploratory art music. It was created by Canadian musicians Norman Adams and Alex Kall, who recognized the need for an online space where live and studio-produced recordings of improvised, experimental, contemporary and “free” music could be made centrally available to a worldwide audience.

Soundcarrier distributes only the world’s finest exploratory music. Here, listeners can find their favourite artists and recordings, and easily discover new or unfamiliar artists — knowing that every recording has been vetted for its creative excellence.
Participating artists can enjoy great freedom in what they distribute to the public – from a recording of a favourite live performance, or an individual piece they’ve just released, to the full digital version of an album that has elsewhere been released in hardcopy form.
Recordings are available for download as lossless FLAC and 320 kbps MP3 files, which include PDFs and high-resolution images files of the recording’s liner notes, often with bonus content.
In addition to music downloads, Soundcarrier connects musicians and listeners through individual artist bio pages and discussion threads where all are welcome to review, recommend and chat about what they hear.
“Creative musicians work each day to discover new musical forms, expressions, sounds, and technologies, often with little or no support,” explains Adams. “Soundcarrier’s goal is to open doors for artists into new markets, showcasing their work to audiences who are genuinely interested in their art form.”
Musicians and sound artists creating exploratory music are welcomed to submit their recordings for distribution at
All sonic explorers are encouraged to browse the debut catalogue and discover exciting new music at
About Norman Adams
Norman Adams is the Principal Cellist of Symphony Nova Scotia, the Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN Music, and a cellist, improviser and electronic musician exploring music, sound creation and performance. Norm produces concerts and workshops in Halifax, Canada; and has performs classical, free and new music across Canada, the US, and in the UK and France. He regularly collaborates with many leading artists including Lori Freedman, Eddie Prévost, Pauline Oliveros, Evan Parker, Gerry Hemingway, Jean Derome and Marilyn Crispell.
About Alex Kall
Alex Kall is a jack of many trades: small business owner, audio engineer, freelance bass player, marketer, stage manager and web/graphic designer. Based in London, Ontario, he is proprietor and the head engineer at Kall Binaural Audio, one of the world’s few recording services dedicated to true three-dimensional sound. He also also a corporate and non-profit marketer, helping organizations of all sizes to connect with their audiences effectively.

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