The Orgelpark and the Conlon Foundation invite artists to consider composing for the brand new Utopa Baroque Organ in the Orgelpark.

A ‘Meet the Utopa Baroque Organ’-session takes place at the Orgelpark on June 4th, 20.15. The organ and its two interfaces will be introduced and there will be ample time for questions and discussions. After this session, artists can decide whether or not to submit a sketch or concept for a new piece.

The Utopa Baroque Organ allows working with baroque sounds in radically new ways. Thanks to integration of digital technology, the 2,500 pipes of the organ can be combined without any restriction. Furthermore, the way the pipes are blown can be controlled in unprecedented ways as well. Thirdly, the organ is equipped with patch bays which facilitate mounting microphones in the instrument - an invitation to extend its sound pallette with loudspeaker-generated sounds.

Based on the sketches/concepts, four artists will be selected. They will be invited to work with the organ on August 6-9, and to present a composition during a two-day colloquium, dedicated to new music for the Utopa Baroque Organ, on November 9-10, 2018.

If you want to join the workshop on June 4th, please register via

• June 4, 20.15: ‘Meet the Utopa Baroque organ’ for interested artists
• July 9: Deadline for submissions of sketches/concepts
• July 23: Announcement of selected artists
• August 6-9: Four days for the selected artists to work with the organ
• September/October: Artists can make individual appointments to work with the organ
• November 9-10: Colloquium with concerts, lectures and discussions

1 The call is open to composers and sound artists of all ages and nationalities who are based in The Netherlands.

2 Selected artists will perform their music themselves, either by using one of the organ's two consoles directly, or via MIDI or OSC with an attached computer. An organist will not be available.

3 The piece can be with or without electronics.

4 The duration of the piece must be no longer than 4 minutes.

5 Submissions should be sent to and include a short biography, a sketch or concept for the new to be realized work, and, if possible, any kind of audio or visual preview or sketch that could help illustrate the piece.

9 Jul 2018