Trio Taco Call for Scores

Hello composer friends!

We need your help!

Trio Taco is currently looking for new works to perform. The works may be scored for a trio of flutes and/or piccolos. Scores may also include an electronic or tape component. Trio Taco is a very open minded group of people who are willing to accommodate any creative ideas. If you have any questions please contact us at For more information about us please see or The selected works will be performed numerous times as a tour program in Ontario, August 2018. There will be a tour launch concert in Victoria sometime in late July.

Submission guidelines:

1. Must be submitted by June 1st
2. The piece must be an original composition
3. Only selected compositions will be performed in the prospective recitals in August. Other pieces may be used in other later Trio Taco recitals.

Please send submissions to We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and working with you!

1 Jun 2018