Northern Neck Composition Competition

At one point in time, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn were writing “music of their day,” and we are extremely thankful for those patrons and musicians who supported their music and ensured its eternal place in our culture.
Nothing is more thrilling than immersing oneself in the music of “now” and contributing to our musical heritage. It is both the joy and the responsibility of musicians to seek out, learn, and perform the best works of composers writing in the “NOW.”
The Northern Neck Orchestra of Kilmarnock, VA is undertaking an active role in developing new composers of orchestral music in Virginia. We are extremely proud to introduce the Northern Neck Orchestra Composition Competition, a statewide program to identify and nurture creative artists and bring their work to a wider audience.
Contestants will submit their orchestral works to a Northern Neck panel consisting of orchestral musicians, board members, and our esteemed musical director, Michael Repper, who will select the winner of a cash prize of $500. The work will be performed and recorded in the 2018-2019 concert season by the Northern Neck Orchestra with the composer being introduced to a musical audience.
Competition Guidelines are as follows:
• Entrants must reside in Virginia
• Entry fee is $10
• Entrants must submit an original piece no longer than 10 minutes. The composition must not have been previously performed.
• Full scores and a synthesized recording must accompany the entry.
• Maximum instrumentation should include:
o 2 Flutes (optional: one double piccolo
o 2 Oboes
o 2 Clarinets (A and Bb usable)
o Optional Bass Clarinet
o 2 Bassoons
o 4 Horns
o 3 Trumpets
o 3 Trombones (including one brass trombone)
o Tuba
o Timpani plus ONE extra percussionist
o Strings (Chamber size. 8-8-6-6-3)
**(Composers do not have to use all the instruments listed, but we will only consider compositions using the above at a maximum).
• Submissions will be judged anonymously on a 1-10 point scale
**(In the unlikely event that no submissions fit the vision or abilities of the orchestra, the cash prize may be withheld).
• The deadline for entries is September 1, 2018.

Please submit all entries directly to:
Sandra Byrd, Northern Neck Composition Competition
1756 Sawgrass Pointe Drive
Hayes, VA 23072
Cell: 757.570.0858