Ossia Project - New Works for Piano Solo (July, August, September Issues)

Ossia Project- 2018 Call for Scores (July, August, September)

Ossia Project is a crowd-sourced micro-commissioning fund. We work with our subscribers to create regular, accessible opportunities for composers, to support the creation of new works. Ossia Project currently commissions one composer each month through our score of the month subscription, with an emphasis on female composers, composers with disabilities, composers of color, and other composer groups that have historically faced barriers in accessing opportunities in new music. You can find more information at www.gordonhwilliams.com/ossiaproject.

Our 2018 season call for scores is for piano solo (no amplification, electronics, re-tunings, or piano preparations). Submitted works should be between 2 and 6 minutes in duration. Scores will be prefaced by a composer biography and a “behind the scenes” notes section (at least a paragraph (though more is welcome) explaining the context, background, and/or process of the composition). Twelve composers will be selected for a commission in the 17-18 season.

Composers will retain full ownership and copyright of their work. Ossia Project will distribute an electronic copy of the score to each of our subscribers in pdf form. Subscribers will be made aware that scores may not be shared or otherwise distributed.

Compensation: $50.00, paid upon distribution date

How to submit: Email OssiaProject@gmail.com with the subject line: Last Name- Ossia Project 2018. Please attach the files in the following manner: score- pdf (recording if available), bio-pdf and notes - pdf by Friday June 15th 2018. All composers who submit will receive a complimentary one-month subscription to Ossia Project.

Eligibility: All submissions must be original compositions (no transcriptions or arrangements). The composer must own all copyrights for the work. We ask that each composer only submit a single work per call (this is the third of four calls for 2018).

We are also recruiting volunteers to help ensure that Ossia Project can sustain and grow in the future. We are looking for individuals with experience in grant-writing, marketing and promotion. Please send a resume and brief explanation of applicable skills and experience to OssiaProject@gmail.com, if you are interested.

15 Jun 2018