The Ear

prize: $2500

The Ear is a mainstream classical composition competition in New York City. Our mission is to help restore composition to the heart of classical music. Our target audience is the general public. We understand this to have been Mozart's and Chopin's (and most of the other classical composers') audience in their own day. We believe that the general public is still moved by classical music, but doesn't pursue it passionately because the music is from another time - it's not what's happening Now.

We respect all composers whose prime interest in composition is to explore new possibilities in music. Our interest at The Ear is different. Though equally passionate about writing deep, excellent music, we are determined to connect with society. And we have a clear idea of what that means: we want lots of people - ten of millions - to listen our music over and over.

If we can achieve this together - if we can break through - that would be a new thing. And the music WOULD be new too. We simply need to find the way forward together, and not stop experimenting and learning until we have.

Our process is simple. At each concert, we play ten short pieces. The audience answers one question: Do you want to hear it again? If half the audience does, it moves to Round Two and we hear it again. The audience then chooses a winner.

Our concerts are fun, messy, unpredictable. Mozart would have felt at home.

In addition to the main competition, we are building a performer network to play composers' work year round. Our composer network is 750 strong.

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15 Jul 2018