The REAL Flute Collaboration

Hey everyone!

This is Sean calling out again from Australia. To give you a brief idea about myself, I am a high-school student, studying musical performance on the Flute. I am planning, hopefully, to hold a concert featuring Flute works, mainly unaccompanied; and a group of Flute Concerti in a tour of programs [which I have already placed requests for, and will take more until September].

I am now calling upon composers to submit works for SOLO Flute [Flute Alone], with lengths anywhere between 4-20 minutes. There MUST be extended techniques used (including Multiphonics, Quartertones, Glissandos, Singing & Playing etc...). Please don't hesitate to write as many as you like, I am fairly experienced in the art of extended tech. Any works that don't contain some form of extension of the Flute will NOT be considered.

There may be multiple movements, or you may like to have one large work. The longer the work is the better.

Another note, this is a process in which a specific work should be written for ME. Narcissism is key :)

I am ambitious, but give me a reason to tell you it's too hard. I am highly experienced with modern musical forms, so don't worry about my ability to play it.

Send your scores as a PDF, no audio is required. With the score, however, please send a decent biography and CV of yourself. Along with this, please give me a very meticulous snapshot of your process and influence in writing the piece.

Amplification is avaliable, and so are the use of Alto and Bass Flutes. Piccolo is unneeded, don't use it.
Hope to hear from you all soon!
Cheers Sean Quinn
email me with any questions:

16 Jun 2018