Orbis Symphonia: Call for Composers/Scores

About Orbis Symphonia:

Introducing a revolutionary development to create a worldwide community centered in the arts that is open to everyone willing to participate in it.

Welcome to Orbis Symphonia: Arts Without Limits. Here, you will find a world of open opportunity to make your artistic skill known to the world. We offer something new and exciting as a means to make a name for yourself using what you do best in artistry.

​We are looking for those who are active in vocal music, instrumental music, composition and arranging, visual art, performance art, acting, game design, film, and many other artistic outlets everyday.

​Are you ready to be part of something big?

​Orbis Symphonia: Arts Without Limits

Join OrbisMusic as a MyOrbis composer or arranger!
Only $55 per year! You pick your pieces and post them, and we will get your music sold to ensembles and musicians around the world!
You may also avoid the full membership and simply add a single piece of music to our catalog for a small $15 fee!

As a startup, we aim to become an open opportunity hub for all artistically inclined individuals to work to push themselves forward in their artistic fields. For far too long, artistic industries have been limited to those with money, with influence, with connections, or those who live in desirable locations for their artistic outlet. It is time we finally open up the world of the arts to everyone and let everyone put their best feet forward in their outlet.

Let's open the arts to everyone! Let's do this together.
Visit the website for more details: