C3LA & VoiceScienceWorks’ Writing for the Voice Workshop

Work through your compositions with pioneers of new music, Los Angeles’s Contemporary Choral Collective – C3LA. This 4-day workshop for composers is an intensive course on how to write for and understand the voice as an instrument.

The first two days of the workshop explores the vocal mechanism in depth, guiding composers into a thorough understanding of the complexities of vocal acoustics and anatomy. Fahad Siadat, director of See-a-dot Publishing, will also offer a window into the publishing process, and talk about the importance of notation in communicating with singers.

For the final two days of the workshop, composers will have a chance to hear a piece of their choosing workshopped by C3LA, sing with the ensemble, and receive feedback from the collective’s seasoned composers, conductors, and singers. They will be assigned to a C3LA composer for specific feedback prior to the weekend to begin the conversation. The session will be recorded, as will a full run of the piece, for your future use.

Interested in just one session? Tickets to each part of the workshop are sold separately. For more information, please visit www.c3la.org.

15 Jul 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)