Alt Pibroch Club

We are looking for compositions that explore the depth of pibroch as a class of music. We are looking for a variety of different genres represented in the tradition: salutes, martial tunes, gatherings, celebrations, entertainment during mundane tasks. As well as compositions for pipes, we are also encouraging scores for other instruments. After all, pibroch has been performed on the harp and fiddle (and electric guitar, for that matter). We are also considering scores for multiple instruments and ensembles. We accept staff notation and canntaireachd.

Each entry will be reviewed by our international panel of judges, and composers, who will present their recommendation for inclusion in the Library. The anticipated acceptance rate is up to six (6) ceol mor pieces. This rate may vary, however, depending on funding and submissions.

All submissions must include a recording and score (please consider using Sibelius). Include your name and a bit of your background, and certainly your contact info. You may also wish to include a bit about the background that inspired you to create the tune.

Once accepted into the Library, those composers whose tunes have been selected will receive a one-time monetary stipend of $200 CND for their compositions. This stipend does not restrict the copyright of the composer. The score will be recorded by professional musicians (unless the composer provides her or his own studio quality recording) and the audio files will be stored and distributed for download to purchasers through the website.

Please send your submission (score and recording) to, with the subject line “Library of Modern Pibroch 2018”.

1 Sep 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)