Reaching New Lows

Reaching New Lows
Call for Scores

The Reaching New Lows project aims to promote the use of the Paetzold recorder’s extended techniques and encourage new works.

The instrument has a large variety of different extended techniques, and it is at its best when they are utilised. A PDF and video demonstrating some of these is available for composers, please write to request it.

The motivation for this project (and what makes it so exciting for both composers and players) is that the Paetzold’s boundaries have not yet been set out - composers are invited and encouraged to reasonably challenge the performer to push the techniques of the instrument, and to explore new sound-worlds. There is indeed a fantastic opportunity to explore the instrument’s capabilities - for example in pop, jazz, improvisation, folk, etc.

The call is only for Paetzold recorders, in particular a great-bass in C and contra-bass in F, although works for lower and higher instruments will be considered. Ensemble pieces can also be considered, but in this case the composer is advised to contact us to discuss possibilities.
Works utilising different combinations of instruments are encouraged, for example, the player(s) might use electronics, toy piano, prepared piano, didgeridoo, slide whistles, ocarina, etc together with the Paetzold recorder.

Successful pieces will be performed in Amsterdam in late 2018.

Please contact if you have any questions.

1 Sep 2018