Next Note Call for Recordings

Next Note is a Paris based music company with the aim of discovering exciting, new music and connecting it with a larger audience. We feel that meaningful promotion and exposure for new music if often very scarce for young or emerging composers and we intend to provide that as well as new opportunities for the artists.

One of the ways we will be looking for new talent is through various call for scores. We are looking for high quality recordings of your best work for which we can create beautiful, engaging music videos. The winning recordings will be paired with one of our collaborators in the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark and here in France. These people include award winning video artists, film makers and animators working in a wide range of mediums from stop motion animation to cutting edge 3D and VR video. The resulting music video will be posted on our Youtube channel and website at our launch in November of this year as well as an artist showcase and interview. It goes without saying that Next Note will heavily promote each video and packages including an artist profile will also be sent to concert managers and ensembles throughout Europe and the US through Next Note's own networking channels.

Each successful entry will also receive prize money which will be divided among the winning composers from our prize fund. As such, the amount will vary depending on how many entries are selected however, the minimum prize guarantee is 150 Euro.

Composers will retain all rights to their music and the resulting video may be used independently by the winning composers for their own purposes provided that due credits are given.

There is no age limit however we are looking for composers in the early stages of their career. There is no restriction on nationality.

1. There are no limits of duration however strong preference will be given to those within a 3 to 10 minute limit. Single movements of multi movement works are also accepted.

2. Please email us the following at

- A recording (MP3 or WAV) Sharing platforms such as Google Drive and WeTransfer are accepted.

- A PDF of the score (optional)

- Bio/CV (PDF)

- Proof of fee payment

3. The entry fee is 5 EURO. Payment is accepted via PayPal at

4. Submissions are due on August 15, 2018 11:59PM GMT.

Results will be announced by email to all participants and on social media on October 1st 2018. We look forward to hearing your music!

If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us at

15 Aug 2018
Euro (EUR)